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Spanning across one eighth of the earth's circumference, Indonesia is home to the world's most varied population and is an up and coming force.

Indonesia is made up of tropical islands and is home to a diverse array of peoples and cultures, both modern and historic. The landscape exhibits architecture ranging from ancient Hindu-Japanese temples to luxurious contemporary resorts. While Jakarta stands as a sprawling metropolis, the Papuan highlands remain home to ancient civilizations. Indonesia exemplifies its motto, Bhinneka Tunggallka, or Unity in Diversity; there are between 250 and 500 distinct languages spoken between the 220 million people descending from 300 different ethnic groups.

Close to 90 percent of Indonesia's population is Muslim but also consists of Christians and a small percentage of Buddhists and Hindus. Especially in rural areas, religious beliefs are honored by indigenous, age-old traditions. Indonesia ranks fourth in world population and spans across two distinct racial groups, Melanesians in the east and Asians in the west. Centuries of commerce have added Arab, Indian, and European immigrants to the population.

Since the end of dictator Soeharto's reign in 1998, Indonesia has become a democratic nation under Bambang Yudhoyono, whose leadership has taken the nation to a significant rise in prominence in ASEAN. Western and Middle Eastern nations alike currently rely upon Indonesia as an example of bridging gaps.

Modern Indonesia exhibits a rapidly growing economy that is withstanding the current global economic decline. Known for combating terrorism and corruption, Indonesia displays a vastly reformed military and police force. Though Indonesia's democracy is still young and faces problems - for example the massive depletion of rainforests - it is a nation on the rise, and the world must come to recognize it as such.

Indonesian Cities

  • Jakarta (Capital city of Indonesia)
  • Bali

Indonesia Map

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